20.8.2015 | 19:11


Dear friends,

And so another year has flown by without our really noticing. It seems only yesterday that I was writing a welcome letter for the September issue of this newsletter – but it was nine months ago! Since then we have all had a lot of fun attending the Club’s activities and, I have to say, there were quite a number!

Now it is time to plan our holidays and, sadly, for some of us, to plan our leaving. A few of our friends have to return to their countries, to their ‘normal’ lives; others are packing to move to a new post somewhere else. To all these ladies I would like to say farewell, have a safe trip and …….keep in touch! The NIC will always be a family and wherever we live in the world we will always be able to find a NIC friend!

I would like to take this opportunity to say a special thank you to three friends who are leaving us: Francine and Marilena who took care of new members, and Cindy who taught us how to create beautiful cakes. I wish you all a life full of joy and health wherever you are going.

On behalf of all NIC members I say a big, grateful thank you to our group leaders who have worked hard to organize the beautiful, interesting, funny, tasty activities that allowed us to have a fantastic season.

My personal thanks to Emma who hosted all the coffee mornings and the Cook With Me this year. These events are very demanding!

So Ladies, enjoy your holidays, have a good rest and come back in September with new ideas for the Club to be sure that the next NIC year will be as fantastic as the one just finishing.

I’ll miss you all.

Love, carla



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