22.9.2016 | 19:11

Hello my dear Ladies,

Here we are, about to start a new season of our club. I have the pleasure of writing the letter from the President again, as I have postponed my return to Italy and my teaching job for one more year. While some of us are back in town and fully engulfed in the ‘reentree’ activities, the Board is engaged in organizing an attractive schedule of events for the incoming fall. I hope that, in the little free time left by the daily chores, you will all be able to squeeze in some contributions, ideas and proposals to make once again our friendly community an attractive one.

I trust your summer was a truly memorable one and that we will have a chance to share good memories and travel tips during our next coffee morning. As an appetizer, you will find in this issue some pics and stories from our members’ holiday destinations; with your support, this could become a regular topic in our newsletter. Be aware that all the activities will start again this September and the first event will be a very interesting guided visit in town that I’m sure no one wants to miss: more details inside.

What else? Get ready to enjoy your time in Brussels with the NIC and be prepared to welcome all the new friends .

Ciao carlaimag1826_1

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